01 SMART Solutions    
  • Did the previous implementation leave gaping holes in your pocket?
  • Too many moving parts leaving you feeling jittery? Administration and Management’s a daily battle?
  • Components not sufficiently robust? Scalable? Easily Integrated?
  • Serve multiple delivery channels? Work with big ERPs?
Brahmi Wright Technologies through its expertise in delivering solutions across more than 3 geographies worldwide brings to you the best of breed solutions for your space.
02 Brahmi Wright Solutions Portfolio
Our portfolio includes Visual CEMLI Cycle Management, Shop-floor management toolkit, Roboflex® products integrating manufacturing process components to base application suite on a host of platforms including
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP R3
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Niche’ ERPs like AMANDA®, Exacta®
03 What's New ?
BWT delivers a Visual CEMLI Cycle Management
Enhanced set of functionalities, including improved reporting, increased functionality, lesser clicks, faster and more pruned operations. All in all guaranteed 20% improvements in implementation cycle efficiencies and reduction in defects.
Improve Efficiencies, Improve Time to Market – PMO Solutions for Banking sector
Wide range of products and critical time to market needs are unique to the BFSI sector. This requires additional rigor alongside quick innovative thinking. Brahmi Wright with it’s set of PMO and automation solutions are entering this space with expected rewards in the range of 10 to 15% improvements in cycle efficiency.
Property Management Single View for Local Jurisdictions
Built on a robust and scalable variable data model, this solutions delivers all functions required by town municipalities, syndicators. The applications also boast of GIS/Spatial data support, Storage, Retrieval and e-content document delivery over Email, Print, Fax, Web and SMS. Added to this a small footprint and easy plug and play modules. All in all pack up those bulky, non-performing solutions and bring in BWT Single View solutions with expected savings around 40% in total ownership costs.
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