01 ITO/KPO/BPO      
  • Still driving issue resolution when you can better utilize that time driving top-line growth?
  • Is the responsiveness of vendors difficult to manage?
  • What about the compliance-data and the follow-ups? Did the digitization drives and automations of key processes not help?
  • Did you end up just carrying forward the legacy issues during your ERP implementation drive? Do you need help in restructuring your business processes for efficiency?
Outsource your worries, Brahmi Wright can help. Get from where you are to where you want to be with our SMART solutions that deliver measurable positives to your key performance indicators. We implement end-to-end solutions with best timelines in market.
02 Brahmi Wright provides effective solutions around
  • Outsourcing Evaluation, Off-shoring models, Pricing Models
  • IT Outsourcing, Key Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT Governance/PMO Services
    - Choosing the right project mix
    - Linking the company strategy to current and planned projects
    - Managing the project portfolio's efficiently
    - Measuring the PMO operations to tangibly improve project
      performance relative to the executive’s strategic goals
  • Strategy and Operations Consulting
03 We deliver key solutions to critical business issues on a wide variety of platforms including
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP R3
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Niche’ ERP's like AMANDA®, Exacta®
Feel free to contact us for a demo of our offerings, view section white papers for more details
04 Don’t miss on putting up a meeting with our service advisors, if you will like to
  • Increase ROI on your solution implementations
  • Increase predictability on deliverables, productized solutions
  • Prioritize your implementation project portfolios
  • Facilitate choosing the right solution mix involving different vendors and integration, chalk out the enterprise-wide information architecture, federal information architecture
  • Implement best practices, industry standard solutions, have clearly demarcated key performance areas to be worked on
05 What's New ?
Improve your cost effectiveness, delivering customer value using BWT financial's solutions
Measurable improvements to key metrics, workflow management, single view with end-to-end picture, drill-down reports, increased manageability for zero surprises is what this solution can do for you.
Re-engineer for efficiency – BWT Solution Services
Is your ERP juggernaut still stuck in the rut, re-engineer your processes for better efficiency. Bring in a Shared services model for better management of issues. Cut your IT expenses by 15%
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