01 IT Implementation, Governance and Operational Issues  
  • Wondering where will the next levels of innovations on the process take you?
  • Are you trying to tie your IT spend to the resource usage? Usage based billing model?
  • Trying to extract the full value of your previous IT investments? What good is your ERP spend if not tied to your manufacturing process components?
  • Operation Managers, What good is your Supply Chain Management software if it doesn't’t give you a bird’s eye view at any point in time?
  • CEO's, ever wondered how much value does your PMO deliver?
Leave your worries aside, engage with Brahmi Wright Technologies for a complete review of your processes.
Nowadays, nearly 50% of CAPEX generally goes into IT spends. Some spend it wisely to build systems that pay for themselves by creating additional capacities, freeing up costly hardware resources, savings on the time-spent.
Add to these the Brahmi Wright Technologies advantage in having niche ERP's built from the grounds-up for your own industry, smallest footprint of database and technical components, reduction in nearly 50% on resource usage compared to the nearest competitor with similar features. This makes reasons for why our systems and applications are a favorite with more than 100 operational sites.
Speak to our service advisors for a quick assessment of your systems and what is new with these offerings.
02 We deliver key solutions to critical business issues on a wide variety of platforms including
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP R3
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Niche’ ERP's like AMANDA®, Exacta®
03 We also deliver key solutions to critical IT Implementation, Governance and Operational issues including
  • PMO Setup and Operations
  • Implementation Cycle Management
  • Defects Cycle Management
  • Instance Management
  • App's Performance/Energy Efficiency
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • App's Security
04 What's New ?
Carbon Buster Green Solutions for Auto Industry
Measurable improvements in order to dispatch cycle, workflow management, single view with end-to-end picture, drill-down reports, increased manageability for zero surprises is what this product brings to bear. Add to this the resource rationalization and smaller footprint makes this the most green solutions amongst its peers
Improve your cost effectiveness, delivering customer value using BWT financial's solutions
Measurable improvements to key metrics, workflow management, single view with end-to-end picture, drill-down reports, increased manageability for zero surprises is what this solution can do for you.
Improve Efficiencies, Improve Time to Market – PMO Solutions for Auto sector
Auto sector has a strong revival strategy and PMO solutions are the best bet. Brahmi Wright with it’s set of PMO and automation solutions are entering this space with expected rewards in the range of 10 to 15% improvements in cycle efficiency.
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