01 Banking/Financial Services/Insurance      
  • Is the regulatory environment requiring a higher degree of expertise in providing compliant advice and legal products? Across geographic and political boundaries?
  • Product complexity and the risk dimension needing you to keep extra close and trusting relationship with corporate customers? In this age of lesser customer loyalty?
  • Technology issues playing hardball in this mix?
  • Multiple distribution channels? Customer relationship management? Intermediaries? All adding up to the woes...
Relax let Brahmi Wright Technologies through its expertise in delivering BFSI solutions across more than 12 successful implementation across the world help you in reducing the complexities in your implementations.
02 Host of Platforms    
Brahmi Wright product portfolio for BFSI sector comprises of a Core Banking Systems (CBS), Banking CRM, Banking ERP, set of productized offerings for some crucial functionality around Asset Management, Security, Leasing and Implementation Consulting Services on a host of platforms including
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP R3
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Niche’ ERP's like AMANDA®, Exacta®
03 What's New ?
BWT delivers Core Banking Solutions and Bank CRM
Enhanced set of functionality for the new age banks, including improved reporting, increased functionality, lesser clicks, faster and more pruned operations. All in all guaranteed 20% improvements in cycle efficiencies.
Improve your cost effectiveness, delivering customer value using BWT productive solutions
Measurable improvements to key metrics, workflow management, single view with end-to-end picture, drill-down reports, increased manageability for zero surprises is what this solution can do for you.
Improve Efficiencies, Improve Time to Market – PMO Solutions for Banking sector
Wide range of products and critical time to market needs are unique to the BFSI sector. This requires additional rigor alongside quick innovative thinking. Brahmi Wright with it’s set of PMO and automation solutions are entering this space with expected rewards in the range of 10 to 15% improvements in cycle efficiency.
Governance, Risk and Compliance SIG
Brahmi Wright Consulting Services enters the GRC space by creating a special interest group which shall be monitoring and providing cutting edge consulting solutions. BWT also intends to use its leverage with regulatory bodies to bring in much needed changes to regulations in-line with changing world scenario.
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